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Await The Timing in Grace


By Sananda Immanuel and Candace Frieze

#61 August 6, 2006



Sananda: Dearly Beloveds, the time does fly as your saying goes. We are into August now, and many of you are having your doubts as to our existence and our programs. I ask that you go within and remain in faith. I do hear many of you and I do know you have financial problems that need abating. Understand that this is the case of the entire planet and not just you. You have one advantage, or disadvantage as you may see it, in that you have a different knowledge than others.


But many do know it is the time of the Second Coming, including those awaiting a rapture that will not happen, as they have been lead to believe. We have chided some recently, the chaos was necessary to be created in your groups, who still tend to follow and not lead. There is still the choosing to follow one telepath or the other, and you must come away from the following and become the doers; the leaders.


You have been encouraged to create missions and many of you are still not considering the messiah idea, because of the belief systems on the planet that create a single messiah. The new age saying going about is "we are the ones we have been waiting for." And it was never truer than at this time. During the waiting, you must be about creating, and not giving time and energy to false prophets. It is time to stop reading from one website and channeling to another, and start thy works. There are only around 80 missions on AbundantHope right now, and I am proud of the 80 of such great courage.


But there are apparently 800 readers who are merely reading. I realize many of you already have missions, and many may not want to bring theirs under AbundantHope, and this is your choice. But I am also aware that about 80% of all that read the various messages circulating, no matter the channel, are not creating any sort of vision in the helping of the Earth. I also know that many of you are awaiting NESARA for the solving of personal problems, and the desire for wealth.


The wealth within the united States will be beyond description. You will not be able to spend it all on self and your family will not need it, since they will have extreme wealth. You must get good at check writing, if nothing else and do an honest search for those you might wish to support.


I am asking all to live a messianic life, a life of purity and service to others. There will be much chaos in the united States, even with the funds released and the education with that. The funds I am talking of, is the "rebate program" of $10 million per adult in the USA, at @$75,000 a month, which after the decimal point is moved, in the restructuring, will be the equivalent of 10X that amount. There is no way to spend it all on a fancy retirement.


As we mentioned in earlier works, you are encouraged to do your messianic work in the places of your employment, that many of you will remain in. You must improve the companies from within and many of you will have greater opportunity to do this, because the dark side owners of these companies will be vacating the planet, in larger numbers over the next 6 months, and some sooner than that. This will leave open an opportunity to climb the ladder. There may be chaos in this as those not very lighted yet, may make claims to power, and you must stake also your rightful claim.


I encourage the reading of the recent Monjoronson works through the TM Urantia groups. (Candace note: I will get these into the main area on the forum, and onto the main site also, there are three at this time. Someone posted the links to them on DA). You must discuss these. One in particular paints what seems a negative scene to come.  And it is true and you must study it. Friends, do not be so put back by the idea of depopulation presented in them, because you all know, I hope, at this point that many can't ascend with the Earth. They must move on, and they move on by depopulation in various ways, and I leave the teaching around that in Candace's capable hands; she has been prepared for much. You can teach yourselves.


I know you all love the channelings, but it is ONCE AGAIN time to get into the works or at least dreams of such. Without the initial dreaming you can't manifest. You must start writing the dreams, so that the universe can aid you in the manifestation. There is not only the money coming to fund any dreams, but also you need the Universe, your guides, angels and beloveds on the other side, to help you run into people and opportunity around your dreams. Surely you are aware that the Universe supplies everything you sincerely request, and it is up to you to recognize the help that shows up when it does. This is the universal law of attraction, and I would encourage you to see "The Secret" The secret is the knowledge of attraction, like attracts like. Learn to "Knowing" of that and use it.


In the past, the dark side has kept this in many cases from working for some of you; there has been some interference. This is going away however, pretty shortly and if something doesn't manifest to match your goals, then you did not ask correctly or you did not respond to that which was put before your very faces. You failed the opportunity, and this in many cases is because you didn't really want that which you claimed you wanted. Many of you have had unmanifested dreams because you rejected the Universe's help when it came. Don't do that again.


The group that created The Secret, will have much more to offer, to assist those to learn. This film is excellent to get before the churches you belong to, the family you belong to, your workplace, and social groups also. That which is posited in The Secret, will become the reality of a God conscious planet, a 5D planet, and you need to begin to use this to manifest your desires. On a 5D planet, God never says no. But you must recognize that God, is the universe, and not just a "person" who rules with an iron club. This is not God.


You, long before the days of monopolarity, will manifest your dreams, using The Secret. Some of you will become more and more skilled in instant manifestation, which means basically replicating that which you need. Wander into an area without some money, and pull it out of your pocket and hand it over. Wander into a place without food, and multiply what is there, as was done in the bible story of feeding thousands.


This was simple replication, and many of you will remember it, because you know it from whence you came, before you started your journey on Earth. There is new age nonsense going around that everyone will do this the minute ascension occurs. NO, it is a learned skill. And some of you do not know how yet. This will be taught in mystery schools. Those who loved "Bewitched" know that you might be one capable of this, otherwise "Bewitched" would not have grabbed you so.


Might you start practicing and create your abundance in this manner? You alone know if you have some of these skills in your memory banks of your higher self. Might you ask the Universe to help you remember? The ascension into 5D, monopolarity, will not in and of itself restore all your memory. And it is many years off yet. Restoring your memory is your chore and the universe will aid you in that. Restoring your memory means fully widening the channel between your body proper and your higher self, so that the information might flow, and this requires your continuing dedication to the concept of service to others, living a lighted, messianic life.


There are 200 million star incarnates and about 5 million reasonably mature earth souls incarnate right now. Can you imagine what might be accomplished if each and every one of you remembered who you are? Not the multiple lifetimes on Earth, but who you really are? Your greatest fear in not leading a messianic life comes from your fear, of who you really are.


Update time, I assume you are really reading this for an update. So I shall spend a bit of time, here at the end to do so. God willing, great things will happen this month. I know you are tired of the same old song, but friends, get the email going, now in massive numbers, daily to those that do the news and represent you, any where on the planet, but particularly the USA. Have you observed from news on the Internet and the tel e vision occasionally, that the wonderful people of Mexico have come out to protest, repeatedly the stolen elections? Where is America still on that issue alone? And about 60% support Israel, for shame.


The Second Coming process started officially on July 29th. July 28th was the last day of the dark side allowance for them to make a decision for the light and many failed to do of this. At 12 midnight on the international dateline, I became Planetary Prince of Urantia. Basically, I know call many shots, in your terminology. Descending Sons (angelics) holding this position do not openingly walk a planet in a body. They are invisible to most, except those with discerning eyes. As an Ascending Son, I will walk the planet; that is what is truly needed in this changeover. I will be going to Jerusalem to handle problems as soon as possible to do so. I am on the ground some days in Lebanon, as you have been previously informed.


Your news is not the truth of activity there, and Israel is not doing what they planned. Had the plan worked of theirs they would be finished and gone, in about a week's time. They did not win, in that hospital Ba'albek, or in that region. They were sent packing. They had moved into there, during the supposed 48 hours of resting from air activity. We are behind the idea of Tel Aviv being attacked, and if this becomes the reality of us needing to do what we promised we shall indeed do it. This is a threat that is hoped will cause Israel to regain its senses. Meanwhile, many citizens of Israel are tiring of the war and putting pressure on their government to stop.


If we assist in Tel Aviv, it will be done discreetly and with great care to prevent loss of life to civilians. But Israel will rue the day; they did not listen. It is necessary to the Christian support for this horrid war to do something of this nature. Israel will back down and retreat and pay for the mess, or Tel Aviv will have to be largely rebuilt. Read my lips on this, the dark side.


"President" Bush, the real Bush Jr. did indeed step down last summer. He himself did not get in the way of the Leo Wanta repatriation of funds. Daddy Bush did. The clone is not responsible, but the clone did interfere, because it is under control of Daddy. The clone will be disabled when the timing is right. The real Bush Jr. has returned to light consciousness, and never did relish what Daddy created for him. He harmed his brain and thought ability will drugs and alcohol in order to deal with Daddy. This is why Daddy had to created several clones to do the deeds. He has shed huge tears from his compliance with Daddy, which was at times willing, and at other times not. He did revel in being a "war president." He is basically not really intelligent, and did not have the power to just say no, until we offered him a way out of the mess.


I wish I could say the same for Cheney. He has been also in custody, taken into custody last summer, with clone in place, and the real Cheney is still uncooperative. So Be It because Friday, July 28, was his final day to choose the light.


We are not seriously harmed by the Leo Wanta issue of the repatriation of monies, simply delayed a short time. This will be handled when the new President signs on to the throne of America for a time.


The Second Coming event of Christ Michael will be about two weeks after the new President is seated in America and we have some time to teach a bit. There will be a final cleansing of astral realms, and during this time, some very dark ones will make their exit from Earth. The various masters will afterwards, be manifesting physically according to their individual planning on the Earth plane.  We have discussed before that these include Mohammed for Islam, and Maitreya for Buddhism. Also the one called Lord Krishna shall walk earth, and many others.


The depopulation will begin occurring, starting during the Second Coming event, and over 6 months following for the very dark. Mostly they will not survive in the light of truth, and in the higher vibration. Many will pass this plane; others may be indicted and jailed. Monjoronson's team is now operating his courts on another realm, and there will be courts in this one also.  The Second Coming event should raise the vibration of Gaia from 4.52 now up to about 4.7.


We but still await the proper timing and we will not release at this time through any of our dedicated and lighted channels any dates of actual events. This is in part for security, and in part, because things are still "fluid." As with my message through Lauren yesterday, if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. There will be "heat" chaos. You are asked to remain centered. You are asked to continue to teach and confront.


You are asked, even though email is often deleted to use it at this time anyway, for the seed planting. It is my understanding that an individual on DA has completed an email list that should be easy to use. If it doesn't work in your system as set up, take the time to hand copy the addresses into your address book, and do daily group emailing and state your stand. In the doing of this, you assist our cause, and you put into the planetary consciousness your support of Gaia and change. (Candace note, the list on DA froze my computer, so I will be hand copying into my address book. I do have an older system. I will hand copy, for times sake, those that seem most important in that long list and post them on the forum; that should keep me quite busy today alone)


Go about daily business and begin a notebook of messianic ideas, and send your list to the universe. Candace has decided she is going to close the forum to readers shortly, and only those with messianic mission statements will be allowed its use. I support this. She is not required to entertain those that merely read, and her purpose is to create many messiahs. She desires that you who do chose to be part of AbundantHope have a place of privacy to discuss problems and find each other to create together where needed and necessary. So Be It.


I am looking to buy a small university in Denver, called Loretta Heights. It is an old Catholic school, run at one time by the Sisters of Loretta. I will create there, an International curriculum. I thank greatly, one Michael for his assistance in this endeavor, and for his management to come in this project. To the dark side reading of this, this property is under Galactic Federation Guard service protection, at this time, so hands off. Any shenanigans will be duly rewarded unto you, in Monjoronson's courts.  The existing students and personnel are closely protected, in addition to the grounds. And Michael is protected also, so I suggest leaving him alone.


I remind all, that my International Headquarters will be in the Metro area of Denver, and shared with AbundantHope. We will have an intentional residential community on the acreage for those involved in the International works. There will also be many Sananda Centers about the planet for healing, and education locally. These groups may find like mind and sharing.


It is fortunate that this university in Denver is available, it makes the creation of my goals for the planet easier, and we will get started sooner with the education part of my mission. We will bring gifted minds from the planet to this place, for a variety of teachings. The school currently offers an International Business program and this will be modified greatly, to teach ones the business of doing business without money. Remember that the vast releases of money coming to the planet over the next year or so are merely to show you do not need money. When everyone is wealthy, none can hold power over another, through the use of money.


Star people will be enforcing peace. There will be exactly zero tolerance for revolutions backed by arms. There will be no further invasions of another's lands. This is what is behind the story of a 1000-year peace upon the planet. Those that entertain this idea will find their instant karma in Monjoronson's courts and be removed from the planet.


In time, there will be no more borders. There will be no separate countries, but only states of peoples. In time, you will elect a world leader, who will be a true representative of the people. Don't confuse this world leader to come with myself. I am a Universe of Nebadon Lord, as Planetary Prince, and my allegiance is to Nebadon in this sense. You will yourselves place into power those of your choosing, by a fair process, and also remove those that violate their oath of office, as seen in their works. Those that violate the oath and their stated goals should be imprisoned for treason. This applies not only to presidents, but also to the lowliest in local affairs. And you will learn swift judgment of these and not allow them to drag out cases for many years.


You will learn also swift judgment of those that deal drugs, without a license. The solution to the drug problem for a time would be to make illegal drugs legal, because one does have their free will use of them. Making them legal takes away the crime that occurs in the illegal drug trade market. The CIA will shortly be out of the drug business in America. They will be affordable. In time you will not the sale of these drugs, because most will choose the higher cause and reject buying them, putting the retailers out of business.


It is still most important to teach the dangers behind the use of all of this. There are certain substances that are useful to access higher states, under careful observation of others who can assist the one using, if trouble occurs. There are also substances that allow the astral body to travel, and these must be used only by those that can assist an astral journey with another. These should not be available "over the counter." All in good time.


But I continue to stress, right now, it is your works that count for you. It is the works that are needed to heal a sick planet. There will be depopulation in steps; the planet can't continue the way it is. You all know that, so come off your shock at the idea. Under your current technology, you can't continue with this population explosion live in any sort of true abundance for all, with your current technologies. It is time to finally rest my peace in this message and get on with the day. Namaste, I AM Sananda Immanuel Esu Kumara, Planetary Prince of Urantia, and a Lord of Nebadon as such. Be in peace, beloveds, and await the timing in grace. 


Candace: I will place the three Monjoronson messages on the forum and on the main site. I had them on the forum for a time, and because of the "shock value" of one of them, I pulled it, and then placed them in a private area. I will also work with the list from the post on DA of email addresses and place the ones I choose on the forum.


I will be closing the forum to readers about September 1st. I will place more detail later on the forum about the process. Those registered can keep their registrations for a time, in case you do wish to post a mission statement. For your daily news type updates, there are abundant forums and websites for this purpose, and my team does not need to spend time and resources duplicating material. I will move some of the forum channelings to the main site. There will be a method for people not currently readers to gain access to the forum and post missions.


We will remodel the main site as we are able and have funds. The current page is not the final version. We will have two other sites, one for the Messianic Projects, called www.ahprojects.org, and a site for the global project called www.weareoneworld.org. I will have more detail on these on the main site as I find time, until we open the new sites.


AbundantHope will have a logo for its various websites. A major reason to associate your mission with us is that by that association, people will have more trust of your missions. The power of Two of More In My Name, will be multiplied.  You will be allowed the use of appropriate logos. The Ahprojects site will assist in coordination and organization of the many missions. On it we will cover places in need of funding, and where any of us see a need that needs a mission. My plan is to invite the many religious organizations into making committed missions also, and this will assist in serving them. Mark, our current Webmaster will take on a much larger role in handling our information needs. We will move the forum to Ah projects.org once it is open.


On the main site, is a place to make donations if you wish to assist us at this time, or in the future. If you don't want to use Paypal, I will post my business address also, under Announcements. You can mail money orders, cash, and checks.


Until our funding arrives, we continue to have need of help. And after the funding does arrive, I will have a person on my team who will fund raise for the purpose of granting needy missions with funds. When America does have the money coming, that we have covered several times, many people will be writing checks. We will ask for some of those checks, that we might share money around the world, to those who will be less fortunate that the United States monetarily.


I will do some teaching on the forum around the Monjoronson works mentioned. I don't know what I will place of this on the main site. But I want all of you to read them seriously and consider the chaos that is coming, and perhaps plan some missions around it.


One of the reasons we will not be going into 5D immediately, is because much of our energy methods will not function in monopolarity. However, the new zero point technologies will work in dual polarity, as well as monopolarity. Consider our world if suddenly our lights did not work, our furnaces did not run, our public transportation did not work, our auto's did not work. I don't need to draw up a list of the resulting problems.  Follow your own imagination on the problems we would have.


Of major importance mission wise, is the change over to energy systems that do work on a monopolar planet, and these need to be available and working worldwide. A massive task of undertaking! As your mission, you can choose to work with others in this important field. You can stay on and work with your companies to assist this process or gather with others.


On the main site, I have a messianic area and I need to begin placing ideas and suggestions there for those yet to come. I would appreciate short suggestions to my email address, well written, that I could post on the main site, of problems needing fixing. My old email address still works, abundanthope2002@wmconnect.com. Do be very clear in the subject field what the purpose of your letter is, because 95% of my email is junk mail now. I may not answer to your suggestions, so please give me permission to use them. Please do not submit mission states to that address, because I can't place them on the forum. You have to do that, in order to access the forum and be part of our community there.


I am still only one person. I don't have a secretary yet to help with the email, and other tasks that I do from my home office. And please do not put that address on your group email lists; I don't need forwarded material to sort through. Please respect this wish.


I posted a piece on the forum, about NORAD curtailing and moving its operations out of Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado Springs. This is being openly discussed as being OK, because the nuclear threat has greatly declined (despite the current trash on Iran and North Korea still in the news). This is a direct result of the works of our star folks, which started over a year ago, with the underground areas. You can goggle this topic and see for yourself. It is "proof" that the nuclear warheads are deactivated around the world. Take care, Candace


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