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Important Forum Messages From Christ Michael ......!!!!!!!

Important Forum Messages >From Christ Michael 

Through Candace Frieze

#64 Spring 2006


Hello everyone, Christ Michael has made several updating type posts for member readers and Messiahs on the Messianic Forum. I am putting two of the important ones into this piece, because of beautiful information in them.



This Is My Gift, That You Might Develop Your Godhood.
From Christ Michael
April 5, 2006


Hello my friends, time for a brief update. Your long wait is over this month. Look for more unfolding of events this week. In early March, Orvonton officially approved more intervention into the Earth plane, and this has occurred. Candace has pictured in her mind star warriors doing the warrior thing, and this is so. There have been more arrests and confinements into the underground places.

I can't go into further details, we are keeping certain folks in the dark, but for you BBB&G's reading here today, you know it is finally done, and you are relieved of duty in a variety of ways.

This week you have all observed the resignation of Tom Delay; along with statement he is facing further issues over involvement with Jack Abramoff. This is so. The coverage yesterday of the brave young man who had the experience of Internet molestation was a planned event, to prepare the public for the fact that many in so called higher places, are in reality very low places. Sexual mis-activity of various sorts in rampant in the USA government, and many others for that matter. This young man's statement on Larry King that professional folks, and country leaders are involved serves as additional preparation of the sleepy American folks.

A new development in Galactic Orvonton policy, in terms of intervention allowed in a planetary affairs, anywhere in Orvonton, is that the Galactic Federation of Light, now has full permission anywhere to interfere in planets experimenting with blowing themselves up using the atom. Of course, we have already interfered on Earth in this arena, but now it is galactic policy.

No more will certain dark and misunderstandings be allowed to occur. Planets will be interfered with sooner, in an open manner, if they are doing activities harmful to them. This includes the activities of organized religion also. Organized religion has been used on many planets by the dark such as the Anunnaki, to control a people. The angry God syndrome so widely used will be intercepted by open contact if necessary.

No longer also, will planets just totally be left alone to develop. Teaching will be given sooner. And no longer will star nations assisting planets have to do it from behind the scene, which leads often to a people thinking star visitors are the Gods. Will, in a way they are, but this is mostly misused and misunderstood. Greater will be the teaching that the will of God, is to move out of animal behavior, and into Godly knowledge. The long delays of a planet waiting to discover this on their own, has produced destruction on some planets. But these planetary peoples will still have to do their own problem solving; they will just have more overt truth sooner.

Those in impatience continue to understand, that a planetary people creates their problems and are required to solve them. One does not evolve into Godhood status, by being taken care of. This is why Patrick is going to be unhappy when he fully understands the star visitors are not going to fully rescue the planet from above.

They are assisting you in your rescue of the planet, by removing those whom you have not been able to remove yourself. If you had done this back in the 60's and 70's, before the BBB&G's developed space travel in greater detail, and star weaponry, intended to use against you, and us, the Second Coming would have occurred substantially earlier and you might be touching on light and life now. That is still number of years away.

In an earlier message I said you had about 5 years to make a huge difference. That remains true. We are continuing to assist the Mother Earth, Urantia, Gaia, by whatever name you are familiar with, to release pressures gradually, to enable you to go about your work. She has been encouraged by Candace and others to wait a tad longer, knowing that you intend to assist her in her ascension, and with her desired goal of taking the people and other planet life with her. This is such a grand experiment, and it is an experiment, planets normally ascend under better circumstances. These are contrived circumstances.

You will not be gifted with tons of replicators, and other technology. You will be gifted with the knowledge to do this yourselves. Many of you are awakening to your Ascended Mastership, and will actually remember your knowledge from your planets of origin. In fact this is going on now. A planet must be worked within, and that rule has not changed, nor will it change. Planets will merely be prevented from using nuclear destruction and also the "nuclear type" destruction that organized religion is used for.

God will not be allowed to be up there somewhere any more on modern planets. Native peoples everywhere, rarely concede that God is separate and up there. They have the knowledge in their genetics from the evolutionary process to know better. They stand in awe of the process. If star visitors are reaching out to native peoples, they will be more explicit about their origin, so they are not mistaken as God, the way it has become on Earth. No more will atomic destruction be allowed in the name of belief systems. That was the very negative "gift" of the dark.

I am working on a message with Candace, about my personal involvement in Urantia, over millions of years, actually billions. This is a wonderful evolutionary planet, and I desire that you assist me in co creation with re establishing this. Shekhmet will be assisting hugely with the genetics involved in the restoration. My what a master geneticist this grand being is!

April is the month my friends, finally and truly so. I can't give you the exact days; you will see the story unfold, probably daily. There has been much cooperation behind the scenes, in preparing the America public for the removal of its highest offices. By the time the real Mr. Bush resigns, America should be feeling disgusted. The plans are carefully laid, and I assure you, the Galactic Federation is guaranteeing the process.

I had hoped that December was the month, I hear some of you saying, but you promised through Jess. But there was not adequate cooperation, thus the trip to Mars, and then the further request to Orvonton to bend the rules. And so it is.

In these 5 years you have to improve this planet tremendously, this is my gift to you, this time of support to Urantia so that she does not throw you off. This is my gift, that you might develop your Godhood. As we have repeatedly covered, you will be the Gods, the creator beings of future nebulas developing into universes. What an awesome eventuality for you. Earth is your playground to grow. Here on this beauteous planet, you have everything wrong, that could possibly be wrong. Here you get to create how to right the wrongs. Go about it with gusto and the grandeur that you are so capable of.

As we have said, AbundantHope is a Second Coming organization, supported by us. Develop your missions fully, and get them started whenever you have the funds, which are coming. There will still be in the USA, in a year or perhaps a bit more, depending of recovery of funds, and the development of public responsibility, the $75000 a month Germain has told of.


Also the moving of the decimal point, so that this is a ludicrously huge amount of money. If you are not funded by any prosperity funds, then await this condition. Other countries may have some of the same idea, but different amounts, again depending on the nature of politics, and banking in those countries. You can expect that many modern European countries will see huge funding of this sort also, the refunding of stolen tax monies and interest monies.

Take my beautiful planet, my dear friends, who have co created Nebadon with me, and restore her to grandeur. It is your calling; it is why you came. Now is your time. Use it well. Salu, Namaste, Christ Michael of Nebadon.


There Is No Liftoff Planned


April 21, 2006 Christ Michael

Hello my beloveds, I AM Christ Michael, and Patrick has made it necessary for me to do a message today. I am not in contact with Patrick or Anne lately at all. I have done no messages through them since November of 2005. If you have not yet read Patrick's Plan B at
www.fourwinds10.com, please do so.

We are not going to evacuate the Earth. She is into the fringes of 4D now, and this is not necessary. We would not have come this far, and done this much in the past slightly over 3 years since deciding on the Second Coming project, if this was to be the end result.

I do not know where Patrick gets this information, nor where he gets the strange stories about all those packets sitting around in Fed Ex trucks. None of this is going on. This is the figment of somebody's imagination, and I have no idea if Patrick does this, or he is in contact with low down people who are having a wonderful time playing a game with our readers, at Patrick's expense. The "packets" are not to be delivered until the Fed is out of business.

I repeat, that I am not in contact with Patrick and Anne, and so when the statement is made that I am behind the works, know I am not. It matters not whether he calls me Aton, Hatonn, or Christ Michael. I am in charge of this show, Earth Project Transition and I do know what is going on. This is but one example, of using the name of God in vain, stating that this is of God when it is not.

The Earth, with all of your great help in your missions, and the missions to come, are going to finish the job of bringing the Earth relatively peacefully in the era of Light and LIfe, which starts at 5D. You will see some nasty people still, and be confronted by many BBB&G's in your personal lives for a time, because in 4D the ability to create, whether good or bad, gets better. There is more intelligence.

You will have chaos. It will not involve horrid battles. It is more the chaos experienced when people are challenged by concepts they do not understand. Chaos is always involved in substantial change.

As to Patrick's comments to a writer of email, that thought is all it takes, this is gross error of learning and judgment. The thought must occur, yes, otherwise there would be no creation. However, it must still be carried out in the realm where it applies, or it will not manifest.

There is a march planned in New York on April 29. Please encourage local marches wherever you live. Don't like the gas prices? My dears ones, the solution is to massively stop buying the gas! America, in its religious teachings, or lack thereof, actually, plus lack of education in the schools, plus an overabundance of materialism vs. spirituality is not growing up too well as you all experience.

The solution, as Buddha said in his message is to get out, and make noise, and refuse to support the beast. How do you support the beast? You support the beast buying larger cars than you need. You support the beast by buying the goods and playing the money game with him. Money wins every time. Take the money away from the beast, plus your work, and the beast has no control. Money has more control than politics, religion, or the media.

If America, and the people in the countries that supported America in this globalization effort just said no, guess what, it would not have happened. Americans work in all the parts of the military industrial complex. Americans buy gas operated cars. American buy expensive clothing. Americans by cable news. Americans register and vote straight ticket rather than their conscience. Americans pay a huge amount to churches, which tell them a simple baptism makes them a Christed person, and no more than that is required.

Americans buy Easter bunny stuff. American buy Santa Claus stuff. Americans buy tons of stuff not necessary to life. The days of the union protests seem gone. The days of the awakening in the 60's to 70's seem gone. Americans buy expensive food items, and spend money on huge parties. Nothing wrong with partying my beloveds, but don't you see in just these short examples of how you support the beast?

If most Americans got together, set up a date, and on that date did not go to work, buy gas, buy anything (store a bit for a rainy day first), and made as part of the deal, that they would not return to work, until the Fed was out of business, the military arrested the criminal leaders who stole the elections, planned and carried out 911, and on and on, how long do you think it would take to change America? Not very long.

There is the claim there is not enough jobs without pork barrel, and military jobs. Yes there is, because you could do everything your country needs to grow and survive, by working 10 hours a week, everybody doing his share. And you will create this condition as you ascend the planet. That is the point behind the massive money refunds coming to America first, and the rest of the world in steps as quickly as possible. Many prosperous countries are preparing also these refunds, in amounts suitable.

Germain has had the goal of being on universal money in 5 years. Might it possible to do this sooner? Yes, it is. Might you be off money in less than the 10 year projected goal? Yes, you could. But to do all that must be done, my friends, you have to do it, on the planet, in the realm of the living bodies. It matters not if the realm is 1D, 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D, 8D, or 9D, which is the highest level of the Second Density. There are 9 dimensions in Second Density. All evolutionary planets are Second Density, which is the denseness of material life.

That denseness gets lighter as you progress the planet. Earth, when I returned in 1954, was about 1.5 D (meaning dimension, not density). In the late 60's to early 70's you were in 2D. You moved into the bottom of 3D with the coming of the Internet and personal computers. You are now just barely squeaking into 4D. And this planet will ascend, with her residents in material life aboard, including the plants and animals, into 5D, come hell or high water as the expression goes.

I have said you have about 5 years to make a huge difference. And you will, of that I am confident. Any plan "B" as proposed by Patrick would only occur if there was a meteor we could not stop heading at the planet, and we can stop any meteor, so that goes right on out the window also. The other adversity would be the moon, if the present moon is kept, it will slam dunk the Earth 185,000 years from now, and since this moon will be removed, guess what, that one goes down the tubes also.

Urantia, the entity usually called Gaia, or Mother Earth, has agreed to let you all have your chance at becoming the Gods that will heal the planet. She is quite comfortable with the idea. In fact, she is in love with the idea, because this too is her dream, to ascend with her beloved inhabitants aboard. You will stay rooted on this orb, your ship, and sail her into greater light. You are called to this. Many more will awaken. There are many "awake" of sorts now; they have been installing the Internet, enhancing the technology, behind the scenes often, since they are sometimes not allowed to do it publicly.

There is an old expression, in which the person prays to God for help, and God answers back, I am helping, I sent you. And I did. Actually you all volunteered. And in this case, God sent himself also. I AM HERE. Together we will raise up my beloved Urantia, my seed planet that was indeed to be a work of perfection, until contaminated. She will be a work of perfection this time. Her genetics will have the dark genetics removed, her plant and animal evolutionary life restored, and her people restored. It will happen, I will accept no less. I AM THAT I AM, AND YOU ARE THE SAME. CHRIST MICHAEL OF NEBADON.

PS, in case some have forgotten the total of my command at this time, this is it:
Christ Michael, aka, Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, aka Aton, aka Creator Son of Nebadon;
Commander in Chief, Earth Project Transition;
Pleiades Sector Flight Command;
Intergalactic Federation Fleet, Ashtar Command;
Earth Representative to the Cosmic Council, and Intergalactic Federation Council of Earth Transition

Beloved's, love Urantia with all your hearts, with all your soul, with all your minds, with all that is you. And no liftoff will be necessary.

© Copyright by AbundantHope.net all rights reserved











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